Beyond the Blue

Beyond the Blue demonstrates the power of the human spirit to accept and overcome a seemingly insurmountable challenge with positivity and love.


Beyond the blue is an indispensable guide for parents of children with autism, whether they are starting out on this journey or have been traveling this path for several years. It provides a road map for parents to negotiate the pitfalls and through the narration of her own experiences, a point of reference for what they might be going through.

Within its pages, author, autism consultant and mother Gopika Kapoor describes her unique, yet universally shared experiences as the parent of a child with autism. Through the intimate stories of life with her son Vir, she immerses readers in shining moments and dark episodes, brimming with refreshing honesty, sparkling humor and undaunted courage.

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Gopika Kapoor, the writer, counsellor for parents, and the parent herself of a child with autism, with her bold and honest style of writing, not only sheds light on the condition, but also provides a road map for parents to negotiate the pitfalls and through the narration of her own experiences, a point of reference for what they might be going through.

Dr. Paresh Desai

Paediatrician, Mumbai

Beyond the Blue is a fearless account of a family’s journey with autism. Gopika’s narration is brave, honest, raw and compassionate – quite like herself. The journey parenting an autistic child is sometimes rewarding but mostly challenging. I would recommend this book to everyone. Not just to parents of children with special needs who will no doubt feel empowered and understood, but to everyone. Sensitivity, empathy, and inclusivity are the needs of the hour for humankind. This book serves as a wonderful catalyst in that journey.

Varsha Makhija
The Gateway School Of Mumbai

Families with autism share a special bond, woven by our common journeys.

Beyond the Blue gives a glimpse into small and big incidents of triumphs and setbacks, through the stories of one family. And in doing so, gives insights into the lives of co-travellers; of mothers and fathers and siblings and grandparents … and of children with an autism diagnosis.

Thank you Gopika, for bearing your heart so unsparingly.

Parul Kumtha
Parent, Founder Member - Forum for Autism, Mumbai

Gopika is a member of a special group of parents who take their pain and fear and turn it into energy and drive to help other parents like themselves. Beyond The Blue will be a “go to” book for parents of newly diagnosed young children, as well as those who are seeking help with issues faced later in the transition to adolescence and adulthood. She offers practical and sound advice – born of both her personal and professional experiences, for managing a variety of issues, from discussing autism with siblings to managing meltdowns. I have no doubt that Gopika’s conversational sharing of her story and willingness to reveal her vulnerabilities will resonate with parents of children with autism from across the globe.

Pamela Dixon
Director, Clinical Services and Inclusion- Autism Speaks, Washington D.C.

In the corridors of Ummeed over the past few years, I have seen Gopika metamorphose from a bewildered parent to a much-sought-after therapist. Her book, Beyond the Blue made me laugh and cry in equal measure. The book gives much needed hope to parents of children with autism, and offers practical suggestions for simple everyday tasks and issues that they face. Woven through the fabric of the book is Gopika’s story, and that makes it so much more real. More power to you Gopika, and to those who journey with you. This is definitely going to be one of the reference books on my desk.

Dr. Pervin Dadachanji
MD (Psychiatry), Mumbai