Beyond the Blue

Beyond the Blue demonstrates the power of the human spirit to accept and overcome a seemingly insurmountable challenge with positivity and love.


Beyond the blue is an indispensable guide for parents of children with autism, whether they are starting out on this journey or have been traveling this path for several years. It provides a road map for parents to negotiate the pitfalls and through the narration of her own experiences, a point of reference for what they might be going through.

Within its pages, author, autism consultant and mother Gopika Kapoor describes her unique, yet universally shared experiences as the parent of a child with autism. Through the intimate stories of life with her son Vir, she immerses readers in shining moments and dark episodes, brimming with refreshing honesty, sparkling humor and undaunted courage.

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You can’t understand someone else until you can understand yourself and you can’t truly love someone unless you love yourself. Therefore, the crux of a spiritual relationship with another person is a relationship with yourself.

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